Live IP Video Switching, Routing and Distribution With Sub-second Latency

TVU Grid is the powerful, scalable IP-based video switching, routing and distribution solution that enables broadcasters to acquire live video from different sources and seamlessly distribute it to other news stations. With TVU Grid, broadcasters have the ability to route live, professional-quality video streams with as low as sub-second delay over IP networks to one or more Grid-enabled news stations anywhere in the world as it is happening. TVU Grid is also compatible with the TVU Booking Service for simple and automated scheduling of live video feeds.

Key Features

Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Distribution – TVU Grid enables stations to input any video source, whether it be an SDI feed, IP video camera, Internet video, or a TVU transmitter in the field and distribute the feed to any number of other transceivers on the Grid network with sub-second latency. TVU Grid’s simple to use interface gives operators fine grained control over switching and routing of video streams from anywhere on the Grid network.

Frame Accurate Switching – With TVU Grid, broadcasters can now switch between different IP-based transmission video streams with no disruption of the video and virtually no latency. TVU’s unique and proprietary technology makes it possible to transition between live video feeds from different locations without any interruption.

Unlimited Switching – TVU Grid enables broadcasters to input an unlimited number of video streams and switch between them on the fly. As a result, broadcast stations can switch to any content from anywhere on the Grid network without the use of a converter, dramatically increasing the number of video feeds accessible to the broadcast station.

Simple Operation – TVU Grid’s Switch Panel features an optimized user-friendly interface that simplifies video signal distribution to compatible transceivers within your Grid network, enabling broadcasters to distribute video streams on the fly with just the click of a button.

Utilize Existing Infrastructure – With TVU Grid, broadcasters can utilize their existing infrastructure by transmitting video between transceivers over their existing network environment. Additionally, Grid can easily scale to the needs of a broadcaster’s network by simply adding additional transceivers.


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