Social media is transforming the way news organizations gather news and communicate with viewers. TVU offers broadcasters integrated social media tools that streamline a reporter’s use of Twitter and Facebook to engage audiences while in the field.

See It and Post It Automatically in Real Time

To help reporters expand their social media efforts, TVU has introduced its TVU Social platform that enables TVU One and TVUPack to be fully integrated with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.


Using the TVU Anywhere Pro mobile app in conjunction with TVU One or TVUPack, TVU Social helps a field reporter or camera operator post breaking news to their followers in real time with just the push of a button, allowing them to connect more often and readily with audiences. The camera operator or reporter in the field no longer has to choose between streaming a live shot or posting to social media, as they can now do them at the same time.


Manage Multiple Social Media Feeds From the Studio

With the TVU Social Media Manager service, broadcasters retain more control and can manage social media streams from multiple TVU Ones or TVUPacks directly from the studio. TVU Social Media Manager gives stations greater control of social media assets, enabling the station to build brand identity and engage with viewers in new ways.